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Punjab Bar Council

Qualification for Election as Member Punjab Bar Council

Qualification for Election as Member Punjab Bar Council (Section 5A)
A person is qualified to be elected as Member if he:-
(a) is on the Roll of advocates maintained by the Bar Council
(b) has been an advocate of not less than ten years standing
(c) has cleared all the dues payable by him

Disqualification For Membership (Section 5B)
A person is disqualified to be elected as Member if he:-
(a) was dismissed or removed from service of Govt, or Public Statutory Corporation, or
(b) Convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude, or
(c) Has been found guilty of professional misconduct, or
(d) Has been declared a tout, or
(e) Is an undischarged insolvent.

Cessation of Membership of the Bar Council (Section 5C)

A Member of the Bar Council shall cease to be such Member if he:-
(a) is appointed to an office of profit in the service of Pakistan, or
(b) is suspended or removed from practice, or
(c) incurs any of the disqualifications specified in Section 5B., above.

Function (Section 9)

  • To admit persons as advocates. To hold written examinations for admission as advocates and to prepare/maintain the Roll of such advocates.
  • To admit persons as advocates of the High Court and to prepare/maintain the Roll of such advocates.
  • To entertain & determine cases of misconduct against advocates on its Rolls and to order punishment in such cases. (Sections 41 to 45).
  • To promote and suggest Law reforms.
  • To manage & administer the property and funds of the Bar Council and to invest its funds.
  • To conduct the elections of its Members.
  • To prescribe conditions for the recognition and functioning/to recognize and derecognize Bar Associations.
  • To make available free Legal Aid to indigent litigants.

Committees (Section 10)

With a view to run its affairs the Bar Council has constituted, by-election from amongst its Members, the following Committees:-

  1. Executive Committee consisting of a Chairman and five Members.
  2. Disciplinary Committee Consisting of five Members.
  3. Enrolment Committees each consist of a Judge of the High Court nominated by the Chief Justice of the High Court and two of its Members.

In addition to the above, the Bar Council has, also, constituted the following Committees, each consisting of five Members:-

  1. Advocates Group Insurance Committee.
  2. Anti-Corruption Committee.
  3. Benevolent Fund Committee.
  4. Co-ordination and implementation Committee.
  5. Finance Committee.
  6. Free Legal Aid Committee.
  7. Gratuity Fund Committee.
  8. Human Rights Committee.
  9. Inter Provincial Bar Councils Relationing Committee.
  10. Jail Reforms Committee.
  11. Land Acquisition Committee.
  12. Law Reforms Committee.
  13. Lawyers Foundation Committee.
  14. Legal Education Committee.
  15. Library Committee.
  16. Misconduct Tribunal.
  17. PLJ Committee.
  18. Privileges Committee.
  19. Publication Committee.
  20. Rules Committee.
  21. Seminar and Symposium Committee.