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Punjab Bar Council

Group Insurance and Benevolent Fund
(Section 61 to 62)

Group Insurance. (Section 61)

The Bar Council has introduced the lawyer’s Group Benefit Scheme, the salient features of which are as under:-


Rs. 2000/- p.a. for the regular contributors by 30th April, each year, and with a late fee of Rs.250/-, by 31st May, and with a late fee of Rs. 500/- by 30the June, failing which the Advocate concerned becomes a defaulter. He, however, can rejoin the Scheme by making a deposit of Rs. 2000/- in January of the following year.


The nominee/Legal heirs of an advocate are entitled if the contributory advocate expires:-

  Natural DeathAccidental Death
(i)Under the age of 60 years:Rs. 500,000/-Rs. 100,0000/-
(ii)Above 60 but under 62 years:Rs. 3,75,000/-Rs. 750,000/-
(iii)Above 62 but under 65 years:Rs.2,50,000/-Rs. 500,000/-
(iii)Above 65 Years:Rs. 1,75,000/-Rs. 3,50,000/-

In case of imputation in the eventuality of the accident:

(i)On complete loss of two parts of the body or eye-sight of both the eyesEquivalent to the amount payable in case of death with reference to age-group
(ii)On loss of one part of an eye-sight of an eye, or complete loss of hearing by both earsEquivalent to half of the amount payable in case of death with reference to age-group
(iii)On complete loss of an arm below the elbow or complete loss of one leg below the kneeEquivalent to half of the amount payable in case of death with reference to age-group

Benevolent Fund (Section 62) 

The Bar Council has provided the Benevolent Fund Scheme for the advocates, according to the following terms & conditions: (Reference Punjab Advocates Benevolent Fund Rules 1974).

Deposit of Contribution:(Rule 2.2) 

Contribution in a lump sum is received once from the applicants in accordance with the following schedule at the time of their seeking admission/enrolment as advocates:-

(i)Under the age of 30 years.Rs. 5,000/-
(ii)Above 30 and up to the age of 40 yearsRs. 8,000/-
(iii)Above 40 and up to the age of 50 yearsRs. 15,000/-
(iv)Above 50 and upto the age of 60 years.Rs. 30,000/-
(v)Above 60 and up to the age of 65 yearsRs. 70,000/-

Benefits:(Rules 4.1 & 4.2) 

In lieu of the above deposits:-

(i)An advocate, if dies under the age of 70 years, his nominees/legal heirs are entitled to the Payment of Rs.3,00,000/-, as a death claim.
(ii)An advocate, if attains the age of superannuation, viz: 70 years, he is paid Rs. 1,20,000/-
(iii)An advocate, if declared by the Medical Authority as permanently incapacitated, is paid Rs. 3,00,000/-
(iv)An ailing deserving advocate is paid up to the extent of Rs.30,000/- as financial relief for his treatment. (This amount is in addition to the amounts payable in any case enumerated vide (i) to (ii) above.